6. Stage Fright 2014

best horror movies 2014 stage fright

Director: Jerome Sable

Stage Fright 2014 presents the story of a musical theater that is terrorized by a blood thirsty killer who hates musical theater camps.

The movies was nominated to SXSW film festival as the best horror movie

Stage Fright trailer:

7. The canal 2014

best horror movies 2014 The canal

Director: Ivan Kavanagh

This movie is one of the scariest movie that i`ve ever seen. The canal won a few prizes, the most important ones are: The scariest film and the Best Actor.

The movies presents the story of a loving couple who`s marriage is destroyed by a demonic force. David is suspected by the police that he killed his wife, but he knows that his wife was actually killed by a demonic force. In the attempt to prove his innocence David goes down to insanity scarying everybody around him.

The canal 2014 trailer:

8: Tusk 2014

best horror movies 2014 Tusk

Director: Kevin Smith

This movie won the second place at the Smoches awards as the best horror movie of the year.

Tusk tells the story of a podcaster that went missing in the woods after he was gone to interview a mysterious old man. His girlfriend teams up with his best friend and an ex-cop to try finding him.

Tusk 2014 trailer:

9. The Borderlands (Final Prayer) 2014

best horror movies 2014 the borderland final prayer

Director: Elliot Goldner

This is one of the best British movies ever. The movie tells the story of a investigators from Vatican that went to a church in a remote area to demystify the unusual happenings.

The Borderlands Trailer:

10. Housebound


best horror movies 2014 houseboundDirector: Gerard Jhonstone

Housebound won 7 important awards, the most important ones are:Best Horror Film, Best Supporting Actress and Best Feature Film.

The movies presents the story of a your rebel woman who is punished to home detention by the court for stealing. Her punishment is much more painful because she has to live with her mother, the woman that she hates the most.

Soon she starts to hear strange noises and see ghosts in her house and all she wants is to get out

Housebound 2014 trailer:

By Lucifer