This are the Top 10 best horror movies 2014. We selected the movies by the number of prizes and fans.

1. The Babadook

Top 10 best horror movies 2014 the babadook

The Babadook is one of the most scarying movies ever made and the best movie directed by Jennifer Kent. The movie won 44 prizes including: The best horror film, The best Actor, The best Acress, The best screenplay, The best Picture, and others.

The Babadook shows the story of a single woman that is scared by the violent death of her husband, battling with his son`s fear of a evil presence in the house but soon he will discover that around her is a really sinister presence.

The babadook trailer:


2. Annabelle

Top 10 best horror movies 2014 annabelle

At first, Annabelle might have the classic story line of a classic horror movies, but as long as you watch the movie it will become very interesting. The movies had 6 nominations to Oscar prize in 2014, and some critics say that this is the best horror movie of 2014.

In Anabelle a couple starts to experience supernatural phenomena in their house after they try to drop a vintage doll.

Annable 2014 Trailer:

3. Oculus

Top 10 best horror movies 2014 oculus 2013


Oculus is one of the best movies of Michael Flanagan. It won 6 prizes and had 11 nominations. The most important awards are: Best wide release film and Best editing.

Oculus presents the story of a woman who tries to convince the judges that the murder that his brother is accused to commit, is actually committed by a supernatural phenomena.

Oculus 2014 trailer:


4. Deliver us from evil 2014

Director: Mike Flanagan

If you have been disappointed by other horror movies, Deliver us from hell will definitely be a movie that you will remember. This movies even more frightening than Oculus.

A New Your Police officer that has some real personal issues tries to save the city  by a demonic presence, collaborating with a unconventional priest that has some experience in exorcising. But what he does not see is that he puts his own family in great danger

Deliver us from evil trailer:

5. The Sacrament

Director&writer: Ti West


The sacrament is a horror movie released in may 2014. The movie won 4 important prizes, including The best movie at Gerardmer Film Festival.

The movie is actually a found footage made by a team of reporters that went to investigate a religious commune in the wild. This movie has tight connections with the Eden Parish, a real place where over 900 people were murdered or killed themself. View JonesTown Masacre for more info.

The Sacrament Trailer:


By Lucifer