Top ten romantic movies 2015 part 2


6. The Age of Adaline

Top ten romantic movies 2015 the age of adaline

After a car crash, Adaline Bowman has got the ability to stay young forever. She is always in the run from the people that might hurt her. But all of this is going to end when she falls in love again, and gain the courage to live different.


7. The DUFF

Director: Ari Sandel

Top ten romantic movies 2015 The duff

Duff means “Designated Ugly Fat Friend”. Bianca is a high school senior who just finds out that she is the DUFF from her group of friends. She desperately tries to reinvent herself and prove that she is not a DUFF, buy the road to her happiness is full of obstacles.


8. Paper Towns

Director: Jake Schreier

Top ten romantic movies 2015 paper towns


Quentin is a boy that happens to live next street to a beautiful girl named Margo. Quentin does not has the courage to talk to Margo until one night when she asks for his friend. Than, he finds out how mysterious can a girl be. Quentin goes into a trip with his friends to find Margo after she is gone Missing and she leaves small clues for Quentin to find her.


9. Fifty Shades of Grey

Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson

The life of Anastasia, a beautiful literature student changes after he meets the handsome billionaire Cristian Gray. She will experience new meanings of love and sex.


10. Aloha

Director: Cameron Crowe

Top ten romantic movies 2015 Aloha.

After he blows up a mission, Bradely Crooper Returns into the air Forces from his own town, Honolulu – Hawaii. Here is where she meets his ex Girlfriend and reconnects with her. The problem is that he is now falling in love with his watchdog.