16 Times That Being In Love Was A Super Bad Time For All Parties Involved

Like most emotions, love can be fleeting. It can also leave you with a bad taste in your mouth and memories full of regret. If you think these memories won’t scar you, you’d be wrong. All of our flaws are basically products of our previous emotional trauma. Consider yourself warned, so take the plunge at your own risk.

1. The strength of a woman scorned is equivalent to that of a mother lifting a car off her helpless child.

2. Apparently, destroying a man’s marriage isn’t enough for one day.

3. Now that’s a tattoo he’ll definitely regret.

4. Caught red handed.

#6 is proof that some men are dogs that can’t be trained.

5. How do you like them nuts?!

6. She couldn’t train that dog.

7. Premeditated revenge is the best kind of revenge.

8. Maybe Maya needs to back off the Tinder.

#11 is the international symbol for “I got caught cheating.”

9. Evidence is key.

10. Burnnnnnnnnnnnn!


11. Someone got caught.

12. She did not hold back.

The chick in #15 knows how to turn a bad situation into pure profit.

13. Well, how can you resist?

14. And the Good Samaritan award goes to…

15. How a professional business woman deals with a cheater.

16. I would not mess with this future single lady!