17 Pics So Strange, So, So Strange

Sometimes you just gotta sit back and wonder what the hell is happening in the minds of us humans. The internet is a great place to see things that explore the depths of that disturbing concept, and boy is it ever amazing what you can find. Whether these photos are photoshopped, staged, or just snapped in the moment, they all definitely have a strange feel to them that makes you wonder what the heck they were thinking. At least they’re funny and entertaining, but seriously, how do they come up with this stuff?



1. We’ll start with this unfortunate headline

2. Literally the coolest guy in class

3. I might be breaking the first rule, but it’s worth sharing:

4. Maybe a little overwhelming

5. You’re doing it wrong — so, so wrong!

6. Sweet dreams are made of these…

7. Don’t know how they got there, and sure as hell don’t know how they’ll leave

8. What Batman villain is this??

9. They’re a popular snack-chip

10. Needs more ducks…

11. An exercise in imagination

12. Now imagine a human with duck lips!

13. I wish the ducks just had no kinds of lips…


14. Grdon Rmsay!

15. Rise of the planet of the pigeons

16. Eminem would loose it if he saw the waste of this precious spaghetti

17. And lastly, the park bench from the city of Nopesville