Top 10 Pictures that hit hard when you see it

10. Isn’t this Ed Sheran`s face?

Didn't get it? look and see Ed`s face all over the ground.

9. Google is making a joke? this is one of their own data centers

There’s a stormtrouper protecting people’s data!


8. Beside the smiling frog, I can only imagine what is happening in this photo

look at the mirror’s reflection and try to understand.

7. I wonder how long did it take to grow that uhm… hair?

there are 2 people in the photo

6. This teacher is giving great “classes”. At least the paintings are good

what’s written on the white board? and may I ask for the thacher’s number?

5. Is this the moon landing?

Does the moon have another moon as sattelite?


4. Welcome to the “who’s the good boy” class

look above the laptop’s screen, there is a black dog.


3. Let’s go for a walk!

don’t worry, dogs are great swimers.

2. Is burger king tastyer?

when you finally see it...

Read burger king’s message of the day


1 Is someone missing?

you have to figure for yourself