50+ people who are too clever to ever have a difficult life

Throughout life, people come across things that can make it more difficult. Fortunately for most, they are resourceful enough to come up with a solution to the problem. Some people, though, go above and beyond, coming up with ingenious hacks that we all wish we had thought of first.

This can range from workarounds to easy fixes for the most common of problems. Most often these hacks and ideas are designed to make life a little easier, sometimes with hilarious results. And it doesn’t matter who the person is, whether they have been around the block a time or two, or are just getting started in life, anybody can come across an idea that simply works.

So, if you are looking for a solution to a problem you are having, here are some potential life savers from people who are too smart for their own good.
1) Phone Video Hack

This guy has the right idea. He turned his charger plug into an ingenious way to watch videos on his phone hands free. No more being bored in class, though I don’t know how the teacher will react if she catches him on his phone. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get caught.
Source: Twitter/HehmsNotNice
2) Makeup On Point

What is a person to do if they have their makeup looking great but need to wash their hair? Throw on a pair of swimming goggles of course. This allows you to wash your hair while keeping your makeup dry.
Source: Tumblr/Laurlaurrdraws
3) Cereal Box/Bowl

While I don’t recommend eating this much cereal in one sitting, it is a great idea if you don’t have a bowl. Hopefully, you do have a spoon though. Even if you didn’t, I am pretty sure this MacGyver could whip something up for you to use.
Source: Twitter/MyFavsTrash
4) Salted Caramel

Harsh words, but true nonetheless. This is even truer if you cry a lot and your tears run down into your mouth while you are eating said caramel. Maybe that’s not the prettiest of pictures, but hey it works if you are craving salted caramel after a bad day.
Source: Twitter/mashathexplorer
5) Vegas Trip

This idea is all good and dandy until his dad checks the camera when it is supposed to be dark. Granted, if the kid contains his trips to during the day, he should be fine. I bet he forgot all about it and was caught.
Source: Twitter/KevinMieles11
6) Bath Time

Well, here is an ingenious way to keep your dog calm at bath time. Now, all the dog owner has to do is clean the wall of the bathtub. While this idea might work to keep his dog calm, it does seem to create more work in the process.
Source: Reddit/VTSquirrel
7) Makeshift Utensil

This person had no spoons or forks, so she made do with the closest thing at hand, a plastic hanger. Too bad they had to ruin a perfectly good hanger, but a hungry person does what they must.
Source: Twitter/Samiwert
8) Bad Things

I honestly have no clue what this person is talking about. If you don’t know, Sheherazade was the storyteller in One Thousand and One Nights. I don’t think this person would have fared well with the Sultan as he would have tired quickly of hearing such bad things.
Source: Twitter/Twidade_lucks
9) 3017-Level Macking

While at the club, a guy handed this girl his card. Upon scanning the QR code, her phone gave access to all of his social media accounts. Talk about a next level number exchange.
Source: Twitter/marissuh_x
10)How to Best Hide Your Valuables

The next time you need to hide your valuables, just do like this person did and hide them in a clean diaper. Chances are any would-be thieves won’t even think to look there. You do need to be careful and make sure the maid service doesn’t throw it away while traveling.
Source: Reddit/Eri_Cherii
11) Straight Out of the Bottle

Straight from the “I am Pretty Sure This has Already Been Done File” comes a water bottle lid on a wine bottle. Trust me, wine lovers everywhere have been looking for easier ways to drink the wine they love for ages. Chances are, someone has already discovered this hack.
Source: Twitter/Scritt_
12) Easy Peasy

This person found an easy way to make a simple cheese snack. Take one Babybel cheese, cut it in half, and sprinkle on shredded mozzarella, or other cheese of your choice. This gives you a delicious little snack to eat in between meals. Best of all, it is healthy for you.
Source: Twitter/drewisgooden
13) McDonald’s Remix

3The inventive person is always on the lookout for ways to improve upon their everyday life. Take this genius for instance, they took two simple McDonald’s snacks and turned them into delicious medley of flavors. I have to try this now!
Source: Twitter/nxthvniel_
14) Finding a Seat

Though crude to say the least, this person seems to have found the perfect way to get a seat on a crowded subway train. Simply fall down like there is something wrong with you, and then when everyone gets up to get away from you, take a now empty seat.
Source: Reddit/Buddy2269
15) Iced Tea

Here is an innovative way to cool your tea, ice cubes made out of ice tea. As the poster says, this is the perfect way to keep your ice tea from getting watered down. Tea lovers everywhere rejoice!
Source: Twitter/prettynice
16) Hug Inducer

What a loving and thoughtful husband, at least until his wife gets sick, gets pneumonia, and dies. But until then it is sort of romantic. Then again, it could be viewed as manipulative. Why not ask for a hug instead, or even give his wife one first?
Source: Twitter/Podlyshano
17) Genius Idea

Though I don’t think it is that genius. What is to keep someone from simply going in the bathroom and watching a movie there for free, and how would the theater know which movie to play for you. Maybe someday, in the near future, after technology has caught up.
Source: Twitter/Nick_Frady
18) Grocery Shopping

This grandma has found an ingenious way to take home her groceries without having to carry a heavy bag. She placed all of her groceries into a garbage bag and then drug them behind her using her cane. I just hope the bag is tough enough and doesn’t break.
Source: Pikabu/n93i
19) Can’t Decide

For those of us who can’t decide what cereal to eat for breakfast: use a multi-compartment food container. Now, as long as you don’t have breakfast for dinner, you are all set. That would be anarchy!
Source: Twitter/BADGALRHYY
20) Toilet Paper

For people who use too much toilet paper, introducing the Ultimate Mega Roll. Now, all you need to install it on the roller is a friend and you are all set for maximum bathroom bliss. Please, keep small children away from the bottom of the roller to avoid injury while in use.
Source: Reddit/Hectabeni
21) Product Placement

Whoever set up this display is tuned in to the female condition. Chances are that this display needs to be refilled multiple times a week, maybe even once a day. Not to say that all females crave chocolate during these times, but enough do to warrant this genius product placement.
Source: Imgur
22) Shopping Cart

I am still not 100 percent certain this would work in the first place. Plus, it is kind of dishonest. Available at some of the newer economical grocery chains, the use of a quarter to unlock a cart ensures that the carts are returned to the store where they belong. This in turn saves the store from having to hire someone to retrieve the carts, helping to keep costs down.
Source: Pikabu/moiseyka
23) Dracula Drives a Chevy

As long as this plate owner drives an Impala they are all set. It does look like they need to clean the bird dookie off the back of their car though. I doubt the Impaler is too cool to be seen driving in a car with that on it.
Source: Reddit/charina91
24) Fiancé for an Hour

Here’s a guy with a genius idea, the “Fiancé for an Hour.” Not only will he meet your family, he is even willing to fake his own death to get your parents off of your back about having children, at least for a year or two.
Source: Pikabu/MotyaBron
25) Master of Puns

This person is a real pun master. I don’t mean to couch it in these terms, but these are kind of simple. I hope he can get bedder at it.
Source: Imgur
26) Office Hack

Here is a helpful little office hack. Attach a spoon made of metal to your monitor to act as a mirror to see behind you. That way, if a supervisor or your boss walks into the room, you can quickly switch over to work if you are doing something else.
Source: Reddit/vo_xv
27) A Way With Words

The person who wrote this blurb is a real wordsmith. They could seriously write for television if they wanted. I’m curious as to what other gems this person has come up with over the years.
Source: Reddit/All-Hail-Mr-Stamos
28) Wipe by Hand

When you windshield wipers don’t work and you have to improvise. Look at it this way, you can also save money by using this method, though in hindsight I don’t see how this really helps the driver.

29) The Dolly Llama

Many people want to meet the Dolly Llama, but few are able to actually make the trip. At least in this case, he is hanging out in a warehouse and is easier to access.
Source: Tumblr/llamanonymous
30) Keeping Tabs

While the original poster thinks it is sweet that her boyfriend keeps all of their movie tickets, little does she know there is probably an ulterior motive behind it. At least their friend set the record straight, so she would have a heads up if they ever did break up.
Source: Pikabu/Ugin242
31) Mystery Section

This bookstore has the ultimate mystery section. Not only do you not know which book you are getting, you have no way to know if you’ve read the book before. And no peaking, you wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.
Source: Reddit/Jobilk1
32) Social Drinking

I don’t know what world this person is living in, but I honestly don’t see how you could make a crinkly, plastic bag soundproof. And besides, the more you drink, the less you care about what others think. So, it is a problem that solves itself.
Source: Twitter/Waltz
33) Cat’s Eyes

Little did she realize how embarrassing the placement of the cat’s eyes would be when she bought this shirt. Luckily, she is smart and found an easy fix for the problem. Madonna, move over!
Source: Pinterest
34) The Inventive Child

This little girl has really gotten inventive ever since her dad told her she couldn’t have her smartphone while doing her homework. It must have taken some careful thought on her part, and best of all, dad is none the wiser.
Source: Pikabu/Ruti
35) Mutant Snowman

At least the workers at this radiation research center have a sense of humor. Chances are, there are far worse things created by exposure to radiation on this planet.
Source: Reddit/mainpaine
36) Ripening

This person’s idea of what to do with his little brother while playing is a little morbid. Hopefully, this is not the first sign of years of therapy for the poor younger brother.
Source: Twitter/Podlsyshano
37) Time Machine Shenanigans

This poster is a wiz at posting on social media. Chances are the second post was actually posted first, but could you imagine if time travel was actually real. Honestly, I would find a better use for it than making bizarre posts on Facebook.
Source: Facebook/Time Machine
38) Trimming the Verge

I guess there is more than one way to approach a problem. With this method, you better have some real good upper body strength. Better yet, to avoid injury and potential death, I would recommend actually using a tool designed for the job.

39) Ironic Gift

It must be nice to be related to someone so smart. If this was my niece, I would take her down to the store and tell her to pick out a gift to go with those batteries, and then give it to her.
Source: Twitter/Mr_drinksonme
40) Flowers

While this might work in some circles, I have a feeling that this would come off as cheap to many ladies. Testosterone aside, you should always opt to buy your girl or guy flowers as it is one of the best ways to say you love them and are thinking of them.
Source: Twitter/Aleksstakhovich
41) Raising Them Right

If you love the written word, then passing that affection on to your children is important. That’s why this little girl’s pun is so cute. As a matter of fact, I apple-lutely adore it.
Source: Twitter/JoeyPurps
42) The Iron Chef

This looks like a person who has figured out how to survive on their own. When life hands you lemons, or in this case a home with no stove, then make lemonade. Lemonade of course being using an iron to heat up your leftover pizza. Just make sure it is cl3ean first.
Source: Reddit/Hydrate
43) Anti-Theft Camouflage

Here is an idea if you are trying to keep your car from being stolen. Granted, it does make it look like you drive a piece of crap, but if theft is a problem in your area is a small price to pay,
Source: OMG.BEau.Peep
44) Word Count

While this might work with some people. I doubt it would help much if you had to turn in an actual paper. My question is, why would you take a class where you had to write a paper with 60,000 words and then water that experience down by cheating when writing that paper. This sounds like someone whose parents paid for the class.
Source: Pikabu/456789123
45) Oh Yeah!

When you have a hole in the wall, but no way to fix it, you improvise. Kudos to the person who thought of this idea. Hopefully, they are able to fix their wall at some point, but until then, Oh Yeah!
Source: Pinterest
46) Leg Protector

This kid is a genius when it comes to keeping his boots clean on a wintery day. Instead of getting his boots all wet and muddy, he uses a plastic shopping bag to cover them. At least until he gets across the mud and snow, then he is off to the races all the way home.
Source: Pikabu/lancer039
47) The Longer Line

This 4-year-old is obviously way smarter than her teacher. Honestly, this would have been my answer as well. The paper doesn’t specify that the bottom line is for your signature, which is an easy mistake on the 4-year-olds part.
Source: Pleated Jeans
48) Sausage in Your Pockets

I am really curious if this would actually work. I know dogs love sausage, but would that honestly attract them any quicker. I would hope it would, but if it didn’t, at least you would have a snack while you waited to get rescued.
Source: Twitter/K&EDPWTATLING
49) It’s a Trap!

This dentist office is on a drive to bring in new patients. What better way than to use candy as bait. It would seem that anyone who would eat candy would be a good candidate as a patient. I’m just wondering why the dentist office is contributing to the formation of cavities. Job security?
Source: Pleated Jeans
50) Weight Adjustment

Here is a sneaky guy trying to reduce the weight of his checked bags for a flight. I got news for him, this really won’t reduce the weight of the piece of luggage.

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Source: Twitter/Mr. Drinks On Me

The previous photos are of people who are smarter than many of us, or at least are not shy about taking advantage of obvious solutions to problems. The next time you need some ideas for a problem you might be having, check out social media to see what others have come up with as a solution. You might be surprised at what you’ll find!
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