Top Ten music artists and bands in the United States 1970-2015

  This is the top ten music artists in the United States. The top is made by choosing the most listened Artists on the Radio, TV, internet, most downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store.       1. The Beatles (band) The beatles sold 178 milions albums since they appeared in music industry The … Read more

Top Ten dating sites in the United States

We have made a top of the most visited dating websites in the United States of America. So, if you are looking for the perfect website to meet your soulmate, you are in the right place With over 35.000.000 unique monthly visitors, is the most visited website in the world. … Read more

Top ten songs of 2015 in the United States

The fall has arrived and also the Top ten songs of 2015 charts are now available around the world, We have collected the most played songs at TV, Youtube and Radio in 2015.     Mark Ronson – Uptown funk featuring Bruno Mars Album: Uptown Special The winer of the MTV Prize “The best video … Read more

Top ten romantic movies 2015 part 2

<< 6. The Age of Adaline After a car crash, Adaline Bowman has got the ability to stay young forever. She is always in the run from the people that might hurt her. But all of this is going to end when she falls in love again, and gain the courage to live different. Trailer:  … Read more

Top ten romantic movies 2015

In the Top ten romantic movies of 2015 you will find the best movies to watch when you are in love, with your soul mate.       1. The Longest ride Dirrector: George Tillman Jr. Based on the bestselling novel written by Nicholas Sparks “The Longest Ride” the movie presents the story of a former … Read more

Top ten free games from google play 2015

This is the top ten free games from google play. We have selected the games by popularity, best reviews and user ratings.       1. DESPICABLE ME  Help the Minons to get their exotic fruits to make the most yummy jelly in the Universe! Enjoy the fun runs and the great special effects made … Read more

Part 2 best horror movies of 2014

6. Stage Fright 2014 Director: Jerome Sable Stage Fright 2014 presents the story of a musical theater that is terrorized by a blood thirsty killer who hates musical theater camps. The movies was nominated to SXSW film festival as the best horror movie Stage Fright trailer: 7. The canal 2014 Director: Ivan Kavanagh This movie … Read more

Top 10 best horror movies 2014

This are the Top 10 best horror movies 2014. We selected the movies by the number of prizes and fans. 1. The Babadook The Babadook is one of the most scarying movies ever made and the best movie directed by Jennifer Kent. The movie won 44 prizes including: The best horror film, The best Actor, … Read more