What to expect when vising Europe as an American

Hi, my name is Rob Hall, and I`m here to present the things and facts that I did not know when visiting Europe and eventually found out after my 1-year stay in England, France, Germany, and Romania, as my company built new offices.

1. Healthcare is FREE

Most of the public health is free for people who are employed in EU and England, and emergency help is free for everyone.

When I fell off and got a pretty big scratch I got laughed at after I wanted to pay the bill at the hospital. They said: “We don`t have a billing system here, this is the civilized world.” I only had to pay for the painkillers.

3. They got different wall plugs in every country

This travel adapted is just amazing. It works on both iOS and Android phones and enables fast charging.

I was lucky that a friend reminded me about Europe Wall Plugs. Apparently, there is a different wall plug in the UK than in the rest of Europe. Also, the volts in the wall plugs are different, but nowadays most electronic devices are inter-compatible.

3. Smaller food portions

No wonder Americans have more overweight ppl than Europe. But what if you go to a restaurant and you are really hungry?

Advice: Always check the weight of the menu item before you order a product from a European restaurant.

I once made it to a restaurant after a busy day. I was very hungry, and I ordered a Grilled Rib with romaine. As you can see, not much of the rib nor of the romaine was on the plate and I asked the waitress “Where is the rest of it?” Luckily she was born in Canada are recognized my American accent. She calmly told me to eat it and if I was still hungry to order another one. When I finished eating I had a WTF moment while I realized how rich and high quality the food was over there. I did not order a new one because it was late, but I would have if not.

4. Fanta tastes like oranges in Europe

In Europe, Orange Fanta really tastes like natural oranges, unlike the American version which tastes like… American orange Fanta 🙂

After Some research, I found out that Coca-Cola (the manufacturer of Fanta) creates different recipes for each region based on research and what it believes the local palates will enjoy.

5. Price tags

In Europe, the price tags represent the real price you pay for an article.

This is way better than in the US, If you go to a clothing store and you are on a budget you simply add up the numbers on the price tags as there will be no other added tax at the register. They use VAT values that are added to the price.

6. Public transportation

Parking in Europe’s major cities is very expensive.

In America, the cities were built more recently and people who built them took into consideration the fact that in future will be more cars. In Europe, by the time cities were built, there were no cars, and people built streets big enough for carriages.

7. Ancient Ruins everywhere

I found these ancient Roman ruins in a German parking lot

Europe is full of history. Is a good thing to read a bit about the cities history before you go there.

8. Tap Water

European people do not drink tap water

It`s not because is not clean. The tap water in Europe has the same quality as the US tap water. But they simply prefer bottled water.

9. Europeans work fewer hours than Americans.

The average American works 25 hours a week, the average European works 18h/week

Studies showed that the quality of the job done by a European man is similar to an American man. This proves that working burnout is not good for the company, you can get similar results if you work 7 hrs a day, from Monday to Friday.

10. Gigant birds on power lines pillars

Most European kids think that Storks brings babies to the world

I stopped for a few minutes in a village in Romania as I saw a lot of huge nests built on high-voltage electricity pillars. I noticed that people built a special extension to the pillars for the storks, to protect them from getting electrocuted.